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Soukya International Holistic Health Centre - Richmond Road
Hospitals ,Richmond Road ,Bangalore
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SOUKYA Holistic Health & Ayurveda Treatment Centre in Bangalore is officially now India's Best Wellness Centre. At the recent National Tourism Awards, the Vice President of India, Shri. Mohd. Hamid Ansari handed away the award to the Founders of SOUKYA, Dr. Issac Mathai Nooranal (Chairman, Managing & Medical Director) and Suja Issac (Executive Director) in the presence of Kum.Selja, Minister of Tourism and Shri. Sultan Ahmed, Minister of State for Tourism.
First Holistic Healing Centre of its kind in the world. Residential integrative medical centre with different Systems of Medicine and Complementary Therapies in a single facility Detailed Comprehensive Holistic Health Evaluation and Individualised Treatment Programmes to treating the person Owned and Managed by Homeopathic and Holistic Physician, Dr. Issac Mathai M.D.(Hom) M.R.C.H.(Lond) and wife Suja Issac M.Sc.,M.Phil (Foods and Nutrition) who live at the Centre Backed by an International Advisory Board consisting of Medical Consultants Dr. Mathai has been in the Holistic Health medical practice for over 20 years, has patients from over 70 countries, and is a visiting Holistic Health consultant in the US and London Medical need-based Programmes for specific diseases and chronic and incurable conditions Wellness Programmes to relax, rejuvenate and improve health Life Management Programmes to improve your quality of life Medically monitored by Qualified Doctors in each System of Medicine and implemented by Well trained therapists Constant review of Programme, Follow Ups by email, fax and telephone and Despatch of Medicines around the world Therapy Centre with separate male, female and common areas 25 rooms (4 Suites, 4 Super Deluxe Special, 4 Super Deluxe and 13 Deluxe rooms) on a 30 acre organic farm with natural serene landscaping in the tranquil unpolluted countryside Organic fruit and vegetable farm that is used in SOUKYA's special healthy ovo-vegetarian cuisine Informal Library, Internet and Telecommunication facilities, Common Television and Movie Area, Travel Help Desk, Gift shop and Beauty treatments Indoor recreational facilities like snooker, table tennis and board games Over a 2 km walking/jogging/biking track, Swimming pool, a unique Reflexology Walk Clean, hygienic Centre of International Standard where smoking and alcohol is not allowed inside Eco-friendly systems like solar water, energy saving devices, rain water harvesting, drip irrigation, natural light and ventilation Traditional Indian architecture with use of handcrafted tiles, thatched roofs and mirror craft on walls Organic Ayurvedic, herbal and aromatic gardens for In-house Production of Quality Ayurvedic medicines and oils Homes cows, hens, ducks and a sanctuary for rare birds, butterflies, dragonflies and fauna Warm Indian hospitality with genuine care 50 kms from the International Airport (with Airport transfer available) and 21 kms from Bangalore City Centre SOUKYA Foundation runs 6 free and 2 charity homeopathic clinics SOUKYA, Dr. Mathai's International Holistic Health Centre, is a unique facility that helps restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit by combining modern medical advancements, ancient medical techniques and complementary therapies used worldwide. This residential facility brings in the best medical doctors and therapies from around the world. SOUKYA is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Soukhyam' which means well being and a harmonious state of the mind, body and spirit. Also, in South India, people greet one another with 'Soukhyama' (Tamil) or 'Soukhyamano' (Malayalam) which means 'Are you well?' 25 rooms comprising of 4 Suites, 4 Super Deluxe Special, 4 Super Deluxe and 13 Deluxe rooms. Therapy Centre with separate male and female areas A traditional Yoga and Meditation Hall Dining area that serves fresh and healthy ovo-vegetarian cuisine Library and recreation like swimming, pool, table tennis, etc Over 2 km walking/jogging/biking track GUEST EXPERIENCES "I am in Bangalore to find out more about the International Holistic Health Centre. To learn about the different traditional systems of medicine it has to offer and the different ways of helping a person to wholeness and harmony of the body." - Ms. Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York (UK) VIEW DETAILS.... The SOUKYA Logo symbolises the unity of nature and human life in the quest for wholesome well-being. The colours of the logo represent the body (rust), mind (green) and spirit (blue) They also represent the earth (rust), vegetation (green) and the water and skies (blue). soukya image VISION: "In the journey of life, the most gracious gift is that of well being - "SOUKYA". If you have it, then you can experience life to its fullest potential. Our emphasis is on the prevention of illness, early intervention and health promotion. Very often an easily treatable ailment turns into a complex disease, simply because adequate preventive measures at the appropriate time were not taken. We educate you to be aware of your body's requirements and train you to take responsibility for your own health. This is not merely a place for temporary relaxation or short-term rejuvenation, but a place to rediscover and integrate yourself. We help calm the mind, balance the body and nurture the soul so that the body is fortified and the mind strengthened, making it possible for you to renew your
SOUKYA is a family-run organisation headed by Dr. Issac Mathai M.D., a holistic physician who is an internationally renowned holistic health consultant. He is the Chairman, Managing and Medical Director and his wife, Mrs. Suja Issac M.Sc., M.Phil. (Foods & Nutrition) is the Executive Director. They are personally involved with the running of SOUKYA and also live with their family on the property. Their team consists of consultants and doctors from different systems of medicine, therapists and visiting national and international specialists. He is backed by an International Advisory Board, which is headed by Dr. R.M. Varma, India's eminent neurosurgeon. Dr. Mathai hails from a family with a tradition of Homeopathic practice spanning four decades. He graduated from the A.N.S.S. Medical College - Kerala, India and took his M.D. (Homeopathy) from the Hahnemann Post-Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, London. Following this he took his M.R.C.H.(London) and joined as a physician at Europe's first and largest holistic health care clinic for over 10 years. He studied Chinese Pulse Diagnosis and Acupuncture at the W.H.O. Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanking, China. He also participated in the Mind-Body Medicine training programme at the Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, MA in the USA. Dr. Mathai established the Bangalore Holistic Medical Centre in 1989 and has a patient network of over 10,000 covering 40 countries. He runs a homeopathic chain of clinics in Bangalore - the Holistic Homeopathic Clinic started in September 1996 and the second one in September 1999. They provide free medicine for those who cannot afford it. Owned and managed by Dr. Issac Mathai & wife, Suja Issac Dr. Issac Mathai Chairman, Managing & Medical Director, is an international holistic health consultant Suja Issac Executive Director, is a nutritionist Lead a team of homeopathic, ayurvedic and naturopathic doctors Backed by an International Advisory Board, headed by India's eminent neurosurgeon, Dr. R.M. Varma Networked with Holistic Health Associations worldwide GUEST EXPERIENCES "Taken the treatment for two weeks. Dr. Mathai and Mrs. Mathai with total dedication have created this unique health center with the sole objective of having all types of treatment under one roof. Their objective to make the people who come for treatment to go back with confidence for the excellent treatment to rejuvenate the system." - Shri. H.D. Devegowda, Former Prime Minister of India "A wonderful healing place. Thank you for your generosity Issac and Suja. You are truly wonderful people. You have our love. Kiearr'wo!" - Kakkib Lidtthia, Aborginal leader (Australia) VIEW DETAILS.... The Wellness Clinic - an outpatient integrative medical city clinic started in 1998 was the pilot project of SOUKYA. SOUKYA, the International Holistic Health Centre was started in 2002 and officially opened in January 2003 during the Global Holistic Health Summit. A holistic physician with an established medical practice in Bangalore, India, Dr. Mathai is also a visiting consultant at holistic centres in London and the US. Dr. Mathai has rich experience in treating all sections of society around the world, having practiced holistic medicine for over 20 years. He is a visiting holistic health consultant at worldwide clinics. Dr. Mathai has addressed several conferences worldwide on Holistic Health. He was invited by the World Health Organisation ('W.H.O.') onto its committee for 'The Renewal of the Global Health Policy for the 21st Century'. He was the Organising Secretary for the first International Conference on Holistic Health and Medicine (Nov 1989) in Bangalore, India which was patronised by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. The conference was attended by 400 international delegates from 30 countries. Keynote speakers included Dr. Andrew Weil, Swami Satchidananda and Bishop Gregorious, President of the W.C.C. Dr. Mathai also organised the Global Holistic Health Summit (Jan 2003) whose keynote speakers included Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Norman Shealy, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar of the Art of Living Foundation and representatives from the W.H.O. and the Princes of Wales Foundation for Integrative Medicine. The summit was attended by 500 international delegates from over 40 countries. Dr. Mathai is on the Board of various Medical Centres and Associations: Medical Director: International Holistic Health Centre, India Secretary General: International Holistic Health Association, India Medical Director: Bangalore Homeopathic Medical Centre, India Sponsor and Medical Director: St. Thomas Charitable Homeopathic Clinic, India. Sponsor and Medical Director: Holistic Homeopathic Clinic, India Consulting Physician: 1111 Clinic, New York, USA Consulting Physician: The Hale Clinic, London, UK Member: The Society of Holistic Medical Practitioners, U.K.
Jan Christian Smuts introduced the term "Holism" in 1926. Its origin is the ancient Greek word "holos," meaning "whole". The Oxford Dictionary defines holism as "the theory that certain wholes are to be regarded as greater than the sum of their parts." This same dictionary defines holistic medicine as "treating the whole person, including mental and social factors rather than just the symptoms of a disease." HOLISTIC MEDICINE / HOLISTIC APPROACH TO HEALTH The phenomenal advancement of modern medicine has led to increasing super specialization. As a result, human beings are often viewed as a conglomeration of organs. It is crucial to understand ourselves as multidimensional beings possessing body, mind and spirit. All are inextricably connected, and a dynamic balance of all three is essential for real well-being. Holistic medicine views the patient in totality as a human being, in the context of his or her surroundings. Thus, treatment is based on the physical, psychological, social, nutritional, environmental and spiritual needs of that individual. HOLISTIC PHYSICIANThe United Nations World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". The paradigm shift that is occurring is from a medical doctor who merely treats diseases to a holistic physician who improves health. The approach is prevention of illness, early intervention and boosting one's immune system with natural medicines that are safe and have little or no side effects. Here the credibility of the doctor treating you is of the utmost importance. One of the primary roles of the holistic healer is that of a human catalyst who encourages the remarkable innate capacity of the body to heal itself.
The fundamental principle underlying Holistic Treatment is that the natural defence and immune system of an individual when strengthened, has the potential to heal and prevent diseases. The Holistic approach nevertheless combines the pick of the past, interlaced with the best of the present and prepares you for the future, giving you a comprehensive insight into the hitherto unknown areas of your system. health image MIND The mind is an important and integral part of the human being. The mind mediates between the inner and outer world. It is powerful and yet vulnerable, and any ailment can manifest itself in both the psychic and somatic spheres. At Soukya, we help equip you to handle and overcome the stress that invariably comes your way, thus avoiding both mental and physical illness. We help you gain control over yourself and over the causes and the symptoms of stress. Meditation, deep relaxation techniques and yogasanas improve concentration and help in providing clarity of thought. Medicated herbal oils and massotherapy helps focus the mind, while acupressure leads to an improved understanding of the flow of energy within. health image BODY The human body needs to be rejuvenated from time to time. Repetitive and routine work takes its toll on your body. Perennial ailments such as aches, fatigue, etc., are incorrectly accepted as part of the misery of daily life. It need not be this way - isn't it time to experience a lightness in your body that allows you to sail through your regular routine? At Soukya, we pamper your body. Muscular tension is released through energy-balancing massage, and the whole system is refreshed with the help of hydrotherapy, vegetable and mudpacks. Touch therapy is one of many forms available at the centre that lead to a profound rejuvenation.SPIRITThe real source of energy is more powerful than the mind or body. The inner self needs to be at peace, contented and in a state of radiant health. Harness your potential and your inner power. Move into the realm of personal transformation - synchronise your mind, body and spirit and tap your inner strengths. Begin your search for health, wholeness and meaning with us here at SOUKYA by leaving behind the hectic pace of modern life. The ambience at SOUKYA is steeped in beauty, serenity, and nature. Come to SOUKYA and restore harmony, soothe your mind, uplift your spirit and enhance your feeling of well-being.
Appreciating the significant role of modern medical techniques, holistic medicine integrates traditional medical systems (such as Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Siddha, Unani) and complementary therapies (including Yoga, Acupuncture, Reflexology) to help and hasten healing. The success of Integrative Medicine is the ability of selecting and blending the appropriate systems of medicine, without compromising on the authenticity of each individual system. Apart from having a full fledged knowledge of each system, it is crucial for the holistic physician to have the wisdom and experience in implementing such an integration of systems. When done appropriately, this combination enhances the healing powers of the various approaches. But if in the hands of the less capable, the introduction of another system of medicine could interfere with the efficacy of the main system of medicine decided. Likewise, the selection and incorporation of appropriate Complementary Therapies that will not interfere with the systems of medicines that have been selected, is of utmost importance. The efficacy of treatment is strengthened when an additional emphasis is given to customized lifestyle management. A harmonious integration of different Systems of Medicine and Complementary Therapies, is what we offer at SOUKYA with the rich knowledge, experience and guidance of Dr. Mathai. Our entire focus is person-oriented rather than system-oriented. Our emphasis is on the Prevention of Illness, Early Intervention and Health Promotion. Health problems are diagnosed and evaluated by detailed case studies and necessary investigations. The individual treatment programmes are designed after these detailed holistic health evaluations are made. For those already on other treatments or medication, the treatment protocol will take that into consideration and if required, the programme will be done in association with your consultant/doctor.
An ancient traditional system of medicine, Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest system of health care, with literature going back 5000 years and an oral tradition that is much older. This healing system has been practiced in daily life in India for more than 5000 years. 'Ayur' means 'Life' and 'Veda' means 'Science'. Thus Ayurveda is the 'Science of Life'. In Ayurveda, health is a state of spiritual and physical attainment. It is a medical, metaphysical healing life science - the mother of all healing arts. The practice of ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness, health and creative growth. It is the science of daily living and this system of knowledge evolved from the sage's practical, philosophical and religious illumination which was rooted in their understanding of the creation. Ayurveda helps the healthy person to maintain health and the diseased person to regain health. The body is made up of Tridoshas (Tri' means 'Three' and 'Doshas' mean 'Humours') - Vata is Air, Pitta is Fire and Kapha is Water. Good health means a normalcy in the Tridoshas, balance of metabolic, systemic and excretory functions, all five senses and in the mind and spirit. There are 7 constitutional doshas and each individual falls into any one of these categories They are-Vata is predominant in Old age, Pitta in the Middle age and Kapha in Childhood. According to the season, Kapha is predominant early morning, Pitta in the afternoon and Vata late at night. For good health, each person has to maintain the balance of their doshas and not aggravate it and an imbalance in them is the cause of illness. It is thus essential to identify one's body type and follow dietary regimes according to the seasonal regimes to maintain optimum health. Ayurvedic treatment helps to restore this imbalance without any side effects. This helps in several conditions including liver disorders, strokes, mental and muscular dystrophy, rheumatic and chronic conditions. IMPORTANT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT SIMPLY HAVING A MASSAGE WITH AYURVEDIC OIL IS NOT AYURVEDIC TREATMENT. IF MASSAGE IS NOT PROVIDED WITH PROPER MEDICATED OILS BASED ON DIFFERENT PERSONAL FACTORS, IT CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS AT A LATER STAGE. AYURVEDIC TREATMENT REQUIRES AN EXPERIENCED DOCTOR TO DECIDE WHAT TREATMENT IS TO BE GIVEN, WITH WHAT COMBINATION OF OILS AND MEDICINES, AND IT HAS TO BE DELIVERED BY WELL TRAINED THERAPISTS. AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC MASSAGES ARE UNLIKE WESTERN MASSAGES FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS: Spa-like Ayurvedic massages can cause health problems. Authentic ayurvedic massages are done by therapists of the same sex as the patient. A lot of medicated oil is used in the massage, chosen by a qualified, experienced doctor. The strokes of the massage are invigorating. The massage is ideally done with two therapists simultaneously. The massage covers the entire body except the groin. Shiro means head and dhara is a steady flow of warm ayurvedic oil which is specially selected by the ayurvedic doctor. Dhara can also be done with other ingredients like buttermilk, but they are specifically chosen as per the condition. Shirodhara involves a continuous stream of oil that is gently swayed on the forehead which completely relaxes the nervous system and calms the mind. It is very beneficial in conditions like hypertension, anxiety, insomnia and psychiatric problems and also is effective for paralysis, senile dementia and other neurological disorders and improves the memory as well.
he secret of beauty, according to Ayurveda, is Ojas - the subtle quality of vigour or vitality, which is the superfine essence of the seven dhatus. If one stays healthy in body, mind and spirit, one's Ojas stay strong and this force creates a radiant inner self and a beautiful outer self. However, for enhancing physical beauty, Ayurveda recommends a number of time-honoured natural treatments. Ayurvedic fruit/vegetable face pack is rejuvenating and moisturizing. Only at SOUKYA holistic healing center in Bangalore, India AYURVEDIC FRUIT/VEGETABLE FACE PACK This treatment includes procedures like cleansing, massage, herbal steam, gentle scrub, nutrifiying packs, toning, rejuvenating and moisturizing. This is done with combination of ayurvedic herbs based on the constitution, and fresh fruits and vegetables according to skin types. This nourishes the skin by providing vitamins and minerals and rejuvenating the pores. The pack heals and lightens scars, evens out the color tone, soothes and moisturizes the skin and makes the skin soft and supple. It also stimulates the deepest layer of the skin to make healthy new growth. AYURVEDIC REJUVENATION - PANCHAKARMA SPECIAL AYURVEDIC TREATMENTS Ayurvedic hot stone massage at SOUKYA holistic healing center in Bangalore, India AYURVEDIC HOT STONE MASSAGE This exotic massage is a signature treatment of SOUKYA, the special protocol being developed here. After application of the ayurvedic oil based on your body type, the hot lava stones are used to massage your body. Excellent for tired and aching muscles and to destress the body making you feel lighter than ever. It relieves spasms of the muscles by improving the circulation. It also tones the muscles, relaxes the nerves, helps mobilize fat in a mild way and removes the stiffness from the joints and improves posture. AYURVEDIC DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE An intensive treatment that works on neuro muscular tissues, strengthens the nervous system and tones the body. The strong and vigorous massages with deep pressure used in the strokes helps the very stressed body and also helps in weight loss. It tones the muscles and helps to get rid off deep seated toxins. phizi massage (squeezing large quantities of warm medicated oil all over the body) at SOUKYA holistic healing center in Bangalore, India PIZHICHAL 'Pizhi' means 'Squeezing' and 'Chil' means 'Vigorous movement.' It is a procedure of squeezing large quantities of warm medicated oil all over the body with one hand and massaging with the other hand. When administered many times in succession is found to alleviate pains and is very invigorating. This is a unique contribution of Kerala. It has also been proved to be highly effective on its own for treating diseases caused due to vitiation of the Vata humour, especially hemiplegia, paralysis, muscle spasms and other degenerative diseases affecting the muscles. This massage protects you from illnesses and builds up your immunity for a healthy life. It is very useful for rheumatic diseases, sexual weakness, blood pressure, nerve weakness and helps to arrest the ageing process. NAVARAKIZHI/SHASTIKA SHALI PINDA SWEDA A bolus of Navara or Shastika rice cooked with milk and herbal decoctions is made into a fist-sized bundle called a kizhi which is used for fomentation. This is done after the application of medicated oil over the whole body and this induces a sweat. It has its proven efficacy and indicated in muscular disorders, neurological anomalies from paralysis to neuralgias, emaciation, and blood related disorders. This in healthy individuals gives a sedation effect, improves blood circulations and metabolism, makes body feels lighter and relaxed. It makes skin soft and gives special luster and glow. It is used not only as part of Panchakarma but also as an effective treatment for many diseases due to Vata disorders. This strengthening formulation helps combat neurological disorders, rheumatism, arthritis, and malnutrition of limbs. SHIROLEPAM This is the application of herbal preparations in paste over the hairy part of the head for 30 to 60 minutes. Ingredients of the paste vary according to the nature of the ailment. This is helpful in treating sleep disorders, headache, herriplegia, facial paralysis, trigeminal neuralgia, hair falling, premature graying, dandruff, etc. AVAGAHA SWEDAM It is a kind of immersion bath where the patient is made to sweat while sitting in a tub filled with a specific warm medical decoction for the whole body or different parts of the body like the hips or feet. This is good for rheumatism, painful urination, hernia, lower backache, arthritis, etc. SPECIAL AYURVEDIC FACE PACK An exotic facial using fresh, natural beauty enhancing herbs like milk cream, curd, mint, honey, turmeric and various other ayurvedic herbs. The fresh herbs rejuvenate the skin and the aromas relax the mind. It also helps remove scars, improves the complexion and it soothes and moisturizes the
We are a residential integrative medical facility that is the first of its kind in the world. We treat people with a holistic approach. Doctors from different systems of medicine monitor the treatments, which are done by well-trained therapists. Consultants from any field may be called in as required, and treatments done in consultation with them. 2. What are the different systems of medicine and complementary therapies available? We practice many Systems of Medicine including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy Complementary Therapies such as Yoga, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Acupressure and several kinds of therapeutic massages (check Integrative Medicine & Complementary Therapy page). We have several Wellness Packages and also unique Medical Programmes to address specific medical issues. 3. What else makes SOUKYA unique? We are a model for holistic living, and not just a healing centre. We are situated on a 30-acre organic farm and grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables that supply the SOUKYA kitchen. The landscaped gardens include aromatic, ayurvedic and herbal plants. Our eco-friendly approach makes use of solar water heating and energy saving devices, drip irrigation, organic composting and many natural and hand-made materials. 4. What Wellness Packages are available? We have several Wellness Packages like Stress Management, Rejuvenation & Detoxification packages (check Wellness Package page). Though they are packages they are customized for each person. 5. What Medical Programmes are available? We design Medical Programmes for any condition (check Medical Programme page). Initially we let you know what we can do and how long it would take. We have had good success with even rare and incurable conditions like Brown Sequard Syndrome, Brain tumour , Cancer, HIV and even common conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis, etc. The person would have to go through a detailed Holistic Health Evaluation with our doctor which would last for about 1½ hours and only then would the treatment programme be designed.
Naturopathy is a natural healing technique using the healing powers of nature. The principle of Naturopathy is that the accumulation of toxins is the root cause of all diseases. Prevention and elimination of toxins is the route to health. Treatments are based on the 5 great elements of nature that have immense healing properties. There is no role of internal medications in the nature cure system. The Five great elements of nature and the treatments based on them are: Earth - Mud baths, Mud packs, Water - Hydrotherapeutic methods in the form of Baths, Jets, Douches, Packs, Compresses, Immersions Air - Breathing exercises, Outdoor walking, Open air baths Fire - Sun baths, Thermoleum baths, Magnetised water, Colour charged oils / water Ether - Fasting therapy Other Naturopathic Therapies: Yoga Oriental healing techniques like Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy Food and Nutrition Magnetotherapy Physiotherapy Chromotherapy This multi disciplinary approach uses the healing power of natural resources like foods, herbs, earth, water, air, sun and magnets to allow the body to heal itself. It helps in degenerative and chronic conditions like asthma and arthritis, gastro-intestinal problems and hypertension. naturopathy image EARTH - MUD THERAPY Of the five elements of nature, mud represents Earth and has tremendous impact on the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. Minerals and trace elements present in the mud are known for its renowned effects and healing properties. Mud also has the remarkable property of holding moisture for a long time, which has a cooling effect on the part of the body applied. Helps improve circulation and relax the muscles Improves the digestive activity and sets right the metabolism Local application helps relieve inflammations, swellings and reduces pain Excellent in skin conditions without open lesions Helps bring down blood pressure Nourishes the skin Conditions the hair Specific kind of application relieves the stiffness of joints Frequent application of mud helps in improving the complexion of the skin by getting rid of spots and patches, which appear in various skin disorders. Mud baths are also generally recommended for all skin diseases, including psoriasis, leucoderma and urticaria and other allergic conditions of the skin.
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