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Ashwini Homoeo Clinic - Basavanagudi
Homeopathic Clinics ,Basavanagudi ,Bangalore
Opp. Syndicate Bank,
D V G Road
Bangalore ,Karnataka ,Pincode :
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In defence of homeopathy as science with British medical associationDr. Rudresh, a classical homeopathic practitioner of Karnataka whose name is now synonymous with homeopathy, has won the unique and unmatched distinction of solving 1600 infertile couples in just 4 yrs which is a national record. His expertise in homeopathy for 3 decades has benefited more than 12 lakhs patients who have come to him has a first and last resort. Dr. Rudresh opines “In a country like ours where 1/3rd of the population invest all their energies to struggle for one meal a day, and 1/3rd is still struggling below the poverty line hoping to derive enough sustenance to last another day, it is imperative that homeopathy to be adopted for the common man of this country”. He is now recognised to be a fontal torch bearer in all aspects of homeopathy, yet it is now known to the world at large that he has excelled himself in all spheres of societal interaction and much sought-after person who has become a personality endearing himself to causes beyond homeopathy, for he now essays the role of a practitioner, a lecturer, an author, a documentary maker, publisher, public orator, counselor , a columnist and above all, a crusader in the cause of homeopathy since the past 3 decades. He has gone beyond and has sacrificed his very being to the upliftment of the society.
About Dr. B. T. Rudresh
Dr. B. T. Rudresh, a classical practitioner of homoeopathy has completed 3 decades of committed service to the multitude who have thronged to him for an effective cure. His affinity for homoeopathy was founded at a time when the world was yet to crown Homoeopathy with the glory that it holds today. It can be rightly said that his contribution to the system in Karnataka has catalyzed the metamorphosis of Homoeopathy towards acceptance as a scientific system of curing. At a time when homoeopathy was at its lowest ebb and was thirsting for worthy proponents to further its cause, Rudresh came as a saving grace. Today Dr. B. T. Rudresh’s selfless service at Ashwini Homoeo Clinic, Gandhi Bazaar has benefited lakhs of patients enormously. Most of who take appointments two month in advance, 150 to 200 patient a day, waiting for hours, all this to ensure that they gain a sure cure from the healing touch of Dr. B. T. Rudresh. Dr. B.T. Rudresh - M.D. (Hom) Dr. Rudresh initiated his career as a serious student of Homoeopathy, which he continues to be even today. His hands on experience in a leading allopathic hospital, the clarity of knowledge gained while teaching homoeopathy as a lecturer and his understanding of human nature added to the experience provided by the vast patient populace from all walks of life and chiseled an approach that is noticeably individualistic in him. This has endeared him to all his patients. From common cold to cancer, including diabetes, hypertension, renal failure, Infertility, allergic asthma’s and such, he treats all possible patients who are curable through medicine. He had rushed to the capital and successfully cured many patients suffering from an outbreak of dropsy and laid norms of treatment to his colleagues there. It would not be wrong to surmise that Dr. B. T. Rudresh has become synonymous with Homoeopathy in Karnataka. He has truly etched himself as a person whose responsibility towards society has ushered in a vast response from the populace of Karnataka and those who have benefited from his noble services in the rest of the world. Dr. B T Rudresh has rightly been addressed as the torchbearer of Homoeopathy by his patients and the public alike. An unending string of patients who got a second lease of life from their maladies are reasserting the faiths of their beloved ones to Dr. B T Rudresh and through him to Homoeopathy. The success rate in his patients has made the right thinking people in society viz., professionals, media persons and the layman to acknowledge his immense contribution that has changed the face and forum of homoeopathy the world over ushering in a new era of Homeopathy and health to all who walk in to its folds through him. In all, he is now recognized to be a fontal torchbearer in all aspects of homoeopathy, yet it is now known to the world at large that he has excelled himself in all spheres of societal interaction and is a much sought after person who has become a personality by endearing himself to causes beyond homoeopathy, for he is now known as a documentary maker, publisher, public orator, counselor, columnist and the such. He has gone beyond and has sacrificed his very being to the upliftment of society.
Treating 200 plus cases every day since three decades
Dr. B. T. Rudresh interacts directly with an average of 150 to 200 patients from his clinic in Gandhibazar. He has even ensured the spreading of benefits to patients by his daily diagnosis, come rain or shine. To the tune of neglecting his personal life and with no regard for comfortable hours of work that give him much needed breathing time, he has immersed himself in the service of his patients. He has forever encountered a lack of time but never the lack of will to afford vital treatment to all his patients. He shrinks from the very thought of neglecting his patients and makes himself available during any time of the day or night, as any duty conscious and dedicated doctor would have pledged himself to behave, to heal another person suffering from ill-health, be it from a common cold or cancer. Assisted by twelve able and equally dedicated staff he treats nearly two hundred to two hundred and fifty patients from all walks of life, in any given day. The cost of the treatment is deliberately kept modest. No patient who comes to the clinic is turned away for want of monetary resources. The poor and the rich are treated alike in his Ashwini Homoeo Clinic on D. V. G Road. Homeopathy is sought for answers by the desperate and the poor alike. Needless to add, people who seek consultation are mostly ones who have not found salvation in other solutions or are those who simply cannot afford it. Dr. B. T. Rudresh has made it his life’s work to offer expert aid to people who are economically so burdened that they cannot even pay for health care.
Blessing 1600 plus infertile couples with the experience of parenthood after treatment within four y
One Thousand Six hundred plus infertile couples are now blessed with the experience of parenthood after treatment, thanks to the sincere efforts of Dr. B. T. Rudresh and his expertise in the Homoeopathic methodology. The Homoeopathic medical community unlike that of the allopathic community is of the belief that it is not the disease that should be addressed but the individual. Award winner Homoeopath, Dr. B. T. Rudresh, concentrates on curing the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms exhibited by them. He has successfully treated over one thousand six hundred infertile cases over the past three years. Two Hundred of these cases constituted men, with majority of them, having Oligospermia (less number of sperm count) and Azoospermia (no sperm count) among other symptoms. The rest of the cases treated were women having problems that ranged from Polycystic Overian disease, uterine fibroids, tubal blocks to repeated abortions among other symptoms. As Homoeopathy concentrates on every individual in his holistic sense and not the disease, there is no specific methodology where the disease can be named and a specific treatment offered. The only approach is to study each case individually. Dr. B. T. Rudresh studied each case using science, philosophy, medicine, human values and homoeopathy in a holistic manner. Each patient was treated differently with different medicines, and this was the approach used in the one thousand six hundred plus cases.
Radical cure administered for an outburst of Dropsy during its outbreak in Delhi
During 1999 the incidence of Dropsy reached, what seemed like, epidemic proportions in Delhi. The cases were telecast on the audiovisual media accompanied with statements that bore proof to a feeling of helplessness that had unceasingly set in, in the light of the fact that no definitive cure was known. Dropsy is a disease caused by consumption of adulterated Mustard Oil that led to a certain kind of toxicity in the body, therefore manifesting symptoms that are left uncontrolled by even the automatic body immunization mechanism. The symptoms here include nausea and vomiting. If proper care is not administered in the treatment, the patient’s kidney fails, leading to inevitable death. Having seen this on the air, Dr. B. T. Rudresh believed that another form of Mustard Oil called “Argemone Mexicana” was the answer to this, as he was sure that ‘What can cause can cure’ according to the well laid norms of the scientific system of Homoeopathy. He did not hesitate to offer his services to the Delhi Government. On an invitation to Delhi by its state government, Dr. B. T. Rudresh rushed to Delhi in all haste, along with R. K. Manachanda (Assistant Director, Homoeopathy) and treated forty-three cases. Out of the forty-three, twenty-five showed marked improvement in a few days. It was concluded in a report to the Delhi Government that “Argemone Mexicana” was indeed most effective in curing Dropsy, as per the effective diagnosis of Dr. B. T. Rudresh, and anyone exhibiting the symptoms that were caused by the outbreak could avail of its benefits. However, this was to be done preferably under the supervision of Dr. B. T. Rudresh.
Recent Articles
A placard next to a patient’s bed in a leading Cancer hospital in New York read: ‘I have cancer, but cancer does not have me!’ This simple thought surely sums up what attitude one should have towards cancer in specific and any predicament in life, in general! The one truth that is solemn in the very mention of cancer chills the spines of the affected, inclusive of the strongest of them all, that being, not only his spirit and lion’s strength but also his signature interest in life shrinks. Before cancer can kill him, he would have been engulfed by the corollary fear of imminent death. The caution here is that a cancer inflicted man should possess a strong heart and not find himself in a condition where he succumbs to the dilemma rather than the disease. The reality in cancer as I have experienced in three decades of practice is this: Firstly cancer is curable if detected early. Secondly cancer cannot be detected early. Thus by inference, this war is lost even before it begins. Arguments and counter arguments fall in favor and full fervor, yet there is no ambiguity regarding the fatality of this disease. All the causative factors of cancer cannot be clearly stated as yet, be they alcohol or nicotine and such. It is true that chain smokers and compulsive alcoholics might not have a strain of cancer in them and truer that a person who abstains from such definite evils can still be a potential victim. In short the causes of cancer are yet to be answered universally. I attest the wisdom of the press in highlighting the fact that all the research that has been indulged in, in the cause and cure of cancer can be well distinguished on a visiting card. This being the case let me logically reassert the dictum that cancer, if detected early, has a definite cure, yet in most cases, the statement ‘You have cancer’ is followed by ‘Sorry! It is too late now!’ merely for the fact it has been detected late. The issue here is where does modern medicine draw the line as the safe detection point of cancer? In other words, where is the demarcating line between being early enough to afford a cure and being too late to recover? Homeopathy revels in first getting to know the cause of every disease which seeks a cure. Three fundamental causes of diseases as identified in homeopathy are ‘Psora’ (Mental aberrations), ‘Sycosis’ (Unwanted proliferation of the cells) and ‘Syphillis’ (Degeneration of the affected tissues). Cancer has a cause identifies as ‘Khova’ (a cream) of all these three fundamental causes. An aberration in the human body needs a considerable period of time to even be classified as a cancerous growth and be detected (by modern methods too), these cancerous growths have an effect on a normal body in terms of certain functional changes. These functional changes come in the form of signs and symptoms which are classified as purposeless, progressive and painful proliferations of the tissues. Homeopathy, in truth, goes to a level before the biopsy confirmation report and treats a person potentially threatened by cancerous growth through his pre-clinical subjective signs and symptoms. All these can be conducted in homeopathy in a way to suit even a poor man’s purse and more importantly in a way that avoids unnecessary exhaustive procedures which involves high costs on the very psyche of individuals, more than on their wallets. If a person suffering from detected cancer approaches a homeopath, he is presented with equal or more remedies that any other system offers. As a faithful practitioner of this life saving system I have understood with efficacy that Carcinocin, a medicine made from cancer causing cell itself is used as a preventive cure in hereditary cancerous diathesis patients. A cancerous growth does not form overnight out of the blue; it is true that it takes years to develop. Functional changes in the body precede any tissue changes that are experienced by the individual as a subjective symptom. If treated at the functional stage, as homeopathy does by its methods, the problem can be tackled and nipped in the bud. Thus, identifying the potential individuals at the level of functional changes, long before the tissue proliferations occurs is the key to curing a potential threat of cancer. The pulse, hence, here is the caution regarding the functional changes. Going through the homeopathic approach, the biopsy report would merely amount to a re-confirmation exercise and one does not have to even wait for the same before he knows that he is in of the clutches of cancer. The symptoms that homeopathy rests its case on are seen much earlier before becoming noticeable to the ultramodern scientific laboratory investigations. Hence, if the disease has been eradicated, the occurrence of any new tumor causing tissues or the purposeless, progressive or painful proliferation of the cells can be prevented, that too at
Dr. B. T. Rudresh is of the firm belief that when the one third of the population in India have all their energies bound to the fight to get one meal a day and another one - third is still struggling below the poverty line – hoping to derive enough sustenance to last another day. In the face of this harsh reality where is the question of providing them with high-tech and ultra modern facilities. Ashwini Clinic in D. V. G. Road, Bangalore is the venue for the selfless service that Dr. Rudresh imparts in the form of cost-effective and essential medical aid to all those who walk in. Providing service to a vast cross section of the society. Here Dr. B. T. Rudresh’s approach has emphasis drawn on treating the individual more than the disease according to the well-laid norms of Homoeopathy. Dr. Rudresh asserts that the need to first indulge in infusing confidence in the patient, then counseling the patient on the attitude of good health and finally drawing the attention of the patient to maintaining good health rather than rushing for remedial measures has proven to hold exponential benefits to the multitude who throng to Ashwini Clinic to seek it. Patients who have been frequenting his clinic since the past two decades plus range from a cross section of society that scans through princes and paupers and the masses in between. A welcome relief is provided here to those from the economically deprived and economically weaker communities who are not denied hope from the benefits of the scientific and cost effective approach of Homoeopathy in the hands of Dr. B. T. Rudresh. Determined to make a difference, Dr. Rudresh shares his every knowledge with the masses. He has taken upon himself to extend his unique ability of a holistic analytical scrutiny and his encyclopedic knowledge regarding practices of Homoeopathy not only to the Medical fraternity but also to the common man. He crusades for the cause of Homoeopathy through the print, audio and audiovisual media alike to strengthen the burning embers of Homoeopathy that hold the sprit to rekindle the very breath of life in the suffering masses. Not a person to tire easily, Dr. B. T. Rudresh has taken upon himself the arduous task of reaching out those who come to him with the foremost or ultimate hope. His ability to unburden himself from the countless biases and the innumerable strain and stress that the wave of 250 patients can otherwise cause is unmatched. To be able to treat the first patient to the very last patient everyday with patience and sincerity is what ensures that patients wait for two to two and a half months to obtain an audience with Dr B. T. Rudresh willingly, a number that only shows signs of ebbing in the days to come.
Rajyothsava Award given by Government of Karnataka - 1996 Hahnemann Gold Award also given by Government of Karnataka - 1996 Kempegowda Award from Bangalore Mahanagara Palike - 1999 Sahithya Shree National Award from Madhya Pradesh - 1994 Malenadu Ratna- Chikmagalur Sangha Samsthe - 2001 Karnataka Chetana - 2002 Excellency Award- Karnataka Homeopathy Mandali - 2003 Basaweshwara Sadbhavana Award - 2004 Pragnapeeta Award- Basavanagudi festival - 2005 Best Citizen of india - 2005 HONOURS: Kannada Vaidya Sahitya Parishad- Karnataka branch - 1999 The Homeopathic Medical Association of India - 1994, 2006 International Human Rights Association - 2003 First Kannada Sahitya Sammelana (literary meet)- Chikamagalur - 2000 BHEL Kannada Rakshana Vedike - 2002 Mico Kannada Sangha - 2001 Tamilnadu Homeopathy Association - 2000 Kerala Homeopathy Doctors association - 2000 73rd Akhila Bharatha Sahitya Sammelana, Shimoga - 2006 ( All India Literary Meet) These awards have only strengthened his drive to promote the scientific healing norms of homeopathy. Dr. Rudresh is working incessantly to explode myths that have shrouded Homoeopathy since centuries through documentaries, serial talks in the audio and visual media, lec-dems, scientific presentation on National level seminars and case studies, all on specific aspects of awareness in Homoeopathy have immensely benefited the medical fraternity.
News And Events
Glimpses of 16th National Homeopathic Seminar held in Bangalore on 14th and 15th Nov. under the able guidance of Dr.B.T Rudresh. The Healing touch authored by Dr. Rudresh 3 decades experience was released by Hon. Chief Minister of Govt. of Karnataka. Dr. B.T. Rudresh has been nominated as member of syndicate, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka. From his excellence, the Governor of Karnataka, who is also the chancellor of the university. Syndicate is the Highest Academic Council of the Health University which governs 673 Medical/Para-Medical professional colleges of Karnataka. His tenure is for 3 years from 23/06/09. He is the first Homeopath to be nominated to this August Body. In recognition of his noteworthy service in the field of homeopathy, well known Bangalore based Homeopath Dr. B. T. Rudresh has been selected as Governing Council Member of the Central council for Research in homeopathy by the Department Ayush of the union Ministry of health and Family Welfare. His term of office is for a period of three years. Dr. Rudresh is the first Homeopath from Karnataka to be nominated for the national level body. The central council is the highest decision making body under the ministry of health and Family welfare and Dr. Rudresh is one of the five experts in homeopathy from all the country nominated for the body.
Books By Dr Bt Rudresh
In the book NOVU NEEGUVA KAYAKADALLI KANDA BADUKU BEAKU, Dr. Rudresh has shared his experiences, challenging achievements and success stories achieved through his journey of practice in the field of homeopathy. This is like a referral to all doctors, patients and other practitioners. It shows that homeopathy has an answer for every problem in its own approach. Revised edition- 2008 (4 editions in 2 Years) Price- Rs. 120/- Pages- xii+164=176 On a special moment when Dr. B.T. Rudresh, celebrates his 50th birthday and 25th year of professional life, BELLI BELAKU SUVARNA BADUKU is penned highlighting his personal and professional life in March 2006. This book has a compilation of articles published in various premier Print Media about Dr. Rudresh's personality, his works and experiences in the field of homeopathy, his dedication and challenging achievements. 1st edition- 2006 2nd edition- 2007 Price- Rs. 50/- Pages- 188+xii+xii The Healing Touch by Dr. Rudresh The Healing Touch by Dr. Rudresh Two-thirds of our population suffers from on ailment or the other like common cold to cancer, diarrhea to dementia, poor concentration to poor vision. My thoughts, in this book, make evident the process of homoeopathic healing to one and all.
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